CRC 1182 Gender Equality

CRC 1182 Lynn Margulis Fund

The Lynn Margulis funds will support outstanding female postdocs and advanced female doctoral researchers of the CRC 1182 with up to 10,000 €*. The fund must be used for a research stay in the laboratory of a distinguished female scientist host at an institution other than the member institutions of the CRC 1182, ideally abroad.

CRC 1182 Gender Task Force & Women’s Lunch

Together with personal coach Ute Jülly, the female professors of the CRC 1182 form the Gender Task Force. The professors organize in alternating order an event for the empowerment of women together with an invited female guest speaker. Activities includes panel discussions and career options. In addition the CRC 1182 holds Women’s Lunches with international female scientists to promote the exchange amount the female young researchers about career paths and opportunities.

Mentoring Programs

Institutions & Partners

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