YIRD 2019: Final Program & Abstracts


All animals and plants are inhabited by microbial organisms, which influence fitness of their plant and animal hosts, ultimately forming a metaorganism consisting of a uni- or multicellular host and a community of associated microorganisms. The Collaborative Research Centre 1182: Origin and Function of Metaorganisms (CRC 1182) investigates the specific functional consequences of the interactions, the underlying regulatory principles, and also the resulting impact on host life history and evolutionary fitness in an ever-changing environment.

The young investigators of the CRC 1182 invite Master students, doctoral students, Postdoctoral researchers and Young Investigators who are interested in the study of symbiosis, the role of viruses and related topics to join us in this conversation about metaorganism research.

The Young Investigator Research Day will stimulate discussions and facilitate networking across institutes and national borders within the area of host-microbe-environment interactions. Participants of any discipline are highly encouraged to present their research in a way that is understandable to a broad audience either by oral or poster presentations. The research day is supplemented by a career coaching session on day 1 which is aimed at providing insights into funding opportunities, essentials for successful proposal preparation, personal development coaching and insights into the US science & University system. Keynotes by Dr. Mary Beth Decker, Yale University and  Prof. Paul Turner, Yale University as well as presentations (to be confirmed) by Prof. T.C.G. Bosch, the DAAD (n.n. – will follow), DFG (n.n. – will follow) and Marie Curie Actions (n.n. – will follow) complement the program of the Young Investigator Research Day 2019.

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