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Data management and integrated analyses

The INF-project supports the demanding data handling and bioinformatic requirements of the CRC. As one of its main objectives, the project facilitates data management through aggregation of metadata and centralized, redundant storage in collaboration with the University’s Computing Centre in accordance with the CRC Data Policy. Having evolved in the first funding phase, this resource now forms the basis for subsequent data integration and hypothesis testing in collaboration with researchers from across the CRC.

In addition, INF is offering bioinformatic support to projects where relevant expertise may not exist or is in the process of being acquired. This includes counseling in study design, determine suitable analytical strategies, practical help in data processing as well as organizing training courses.

To this end, the INF project interacts closely with other infra-structure projects within the CRC (specifically Z3), the NGS sequencing platform at the Centre of Molecular Life Sciences, the Comprehensive Centre for Genome Analysis (CCGA, now a DFG-funded national NGS service provider) and the wider bioinformatics community in Kiel and Germany (through membership in the German Net-work for Bioinformatics Infrastructure, de.NBI).

With this basic infrastructure in place, work in the second funding phase will focus on the development of comparative genomics resources in order to enable cross-species analysis for systematic hypothesis testing. Part of this effort will include the development and deployment of high-quality data processing pipelines and the standardization of genomic resources across projects.



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