Perspectives on Metaorganisms

The first subproject “Perspectives on Metaorganisms” has developed a comprehensive communication platform that displays the science and the people involved in the metaorganism research field, making their complex research questions accessible to the general public. It builds upon existing (video-) content and specifically full length-interviews with leading international experts. Key statements from 15 particularly interesting conversations have been edited into the multimedia story „Perspectives on Metaorganisms“, that highlights and compares different perspectives on four key questions in the host-microbe field:

• Why is all life microbial?
• Why is the microbiome endangered?
• How to restore it?
• Are we moving towards a new biology and medicine?

The new site merges a collection of exemplary answers from 15 distinguished researchers to these core questions, that were edited and thematically assembled to compare their different, individual perspectives. The excerpts were extracted from about 40 standardized interviews that comprised a recurrent set of similar questions in each conversation. Overall, they provide an innovative approach to access this rich source of information and learn about the expert’s perspectives on the significance, potential and future directions of host-microbe research.

The „Perspectives on Metaorganisms” site is available here:


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