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Communicating the Metaorganism

For the CRC 1182, science communication is much more than informing the public. We consider science communication as an interaction between science and various stakeholders in the public and as a multi-cultural learning experience. The messages of the CRC 1182 call for an adequate translation and broad dissemination of the CRC 1182 research via innovative and collaborative outreach methods for informing science communication and science education.

To do so, in the second funding phase we

developed a comprehensive communication platform Perspectives on Metaorganisms that displays in a narrative format the science and the people involved in the metaorganism research field, making their complex research questions accessible to the general public (PR.1, PI Bosch);

developed and evaluated an innovative Science Outreach Program that involves and connects scientists, school students and public audiences in a co-design setting (PR.2, PI Parchmann);

developed the web-based interactive learning app Meet the Metaorganism, which targets school pupils and biology students (PR.3, PI Duscher).

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