Administration and coordination of the CRC 1182

The main purpose of the Z1-project is to bundle the central activities of the Collaborative Research Centre 1182. The administrative office runs the daily affairs of the CRC 1182 including the management of funds, the coordination of CRC 1182 retreats, internal and external seminars with invited speakers, CRC 1182 symposia and other CRC 1182-related activities including establishment of a CRC 1182 homepage. The office is also responsible for coordination of all activities for the early career researchers as well as organization and coordination of gender equality issues.




Spontaneous body contractions are modulated by the microbiome of Hydra.

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FeaturedA secreted antibacterial neuropeptide shapes the microbiome of Hydra.

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The Origin of Mucosal Immunity: Lessons from the Holobiont Hydra.

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