Biodiversity, environmental drivers, and sustainability of the global deep-sea sponge microbiome

Kathrin Busch, Beate M. Slaby, Wolfgang Bach, Antje Boetius, Ina Clefsen, Ana Colaço, Marie Creemers, Javier Cristobo, Luisa Federwisch, Andre Franke, Asimenia Gavriilidou, Andrea Hethke, Ellen Kenchington, Furu Mienis, Sadie Mills, Ana Riesgo, Pilar Ríos, Emyr Martyn Roberts, Detmer Sipkema, Lucía Pita, Peter J. Schupp, Joana Xavier, Hans Tore Rapp & Ute Hentschel (2022) Nature Communications. 13: 5160. doi: 1038/s41467-022-32684-4

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