Combining transcription factor binding affinities with open-chromatin data for accurate gene expression prediction.

Schmidt F, Gasparoni N, Gasparoni G, Gianmoena K, Cadenas C, Polansky J K, Ebert P, Nordström K, Barann M, Sinha A, Fröhler S, Xiong J, Dehghani Amirabad A, Behjati Ardakani F, Hutter B, Zipprich G, Felder B, Eils J, Brors B, Chen W, Hengstler J G, Hamann A, Lengauer T, Rosenstiel P, Walter J, Schulz M H (2017); Nucleic Acids Res., 45(1):54-66. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw1061

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