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Dr. Mirjam Knop

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Dr. Mirjam Knop


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Constitutive immune activity promotes JNK- and FoxO-dependent remodeling of Drosophila airways.

Wagner C, Uliczka K, Bossen J, Niu X, Fink C, Thiedmann M, Knop M, Vock C, Abdelsadik A, Zissler UM, Isermann K, Garn H, Pieper M, Wegmann M, Koczulla AR, Vogelmeier CF, Schmidt-Weber CB, Fehrenbach H, König P, Silverman N, Renz H, Pfefferle P, Heine H, Roeder T (2021) Cell Reports 35(1): 108956, doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2021.108956.

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