Prof. Dr. Torsten Thomas (University of Sydney, Australia)

Invited guest speaker at the Biology Center of the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel

Monday, Septmber 3rd 2018, 16:15

Conference room 4th floor
Am Botanischen Garten 11

As guest of the CRC 1182

Prof. Dr. Torsten Thomas

University of Sydney, Australia

Talks about:

“Host-Microbe interactions: from the good to the bad & from the ocean to humans”


Interaction between microorganisms and multicellular eukaryotes is a common feature of life and a driving force for the ecology and evolution of many organisms. Recent developments in molecular technologies now allow us to explore the complexity of these interactions to an unprecedented level of detail, which has led to a holistic or “holobiont” view of host-microbe interactions. Here I will present our recent findings on the microbial interactions in three different host systems: a) marine seaweeds, b) sponges and c) humans. Despite the complexity of microbial communities in all these system, we have been able to identify ecological principles, molecular and genetic features or specific community members that are crucial for either positive or negative interactions in these holobionts.


Prof. Dr. Torsten Thomas (University of Sydney, Australia)


September 03rd, 2018


Conference room 4th floor

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