Lynn Margulis Fund 2022 – Nancy Obeng

The Lynn Margulis fund supports outstanding female postdocs and advanced female doctoral researchers of the CRC 1182 once per year with up to 10,000 €. The fund must be used for a research stay abroad in the laboratory of a distinguished female scientist host.

In 2022 the fund was awarded to Nancy Obeng.


Dr. Nancy Obeng

Post doc of the lab of Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schulenburg at the Zoological institute at Kiel University, received the funding for her proposed project “Commensal-pathogen interactions in mucus: investigating context-dependent inhibition of Bacilius thuringiensis by protective Pseutomanas lurida”. She will conduct this project in close cooperation with Prof Katharina Ribbeck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who is an expert in host-microbe interaction in mucus.

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