Poster Session Training

Dear Young Scientists of the CRC 1182,

in preparation for the CRC 1182 evaluation meeting and the on-site visit of the referees on July 2/3 2019, we would like to invite you all to a training session for the review. The aim is to simulate the poster session and to raise awareness of what the CRC 1182 means for you in terms of added value – in terms of research and beyond. We will think through possible reviewer questions with you, reflect on how to deal with “weak points” and much more. In this respect it is at the same time a kind of “mini assessment center” training.
After the training, there is room to target individual solutions with Ute E. Jülly.
Moderation: Ute E. Jülly PI: Katja Dierking
We look forward to this time with you,  Sincerely, 
Ute E. Jülly, Katja Dierking, Thomas Bosch

Please bring a printed A4 version of your poster to the training.
Please prepare a short (2 minutes max.) presentation of your poster including the main project idea, main results (achievements) and future perspectives. If possible integrate value add of CRC 1182, specifically collaborations and other benefits.


Young Researchers of the CRC 1182


June 25th, 2019


ZMB, seminar room at the 4th floor

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