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Hannah Landecker: The Microbiome After Industrialization

The CRC 1182 at Kiel University hosted the online seminar

Metaorganism Research: Integrating Biological, Philosophical and Social Sciences –
Hannah Landecker (Los Angeles) & Thomas Pradeu (Bordeaux)

on 19. October 2020.

Metaorganism research has reached the social, historical and philosophical sciences. The fact that microbes can be transferred from individual to individual, that we talk about meta-communities , that we re-think the “individual” in light of the omnipresent microbiome, all that has meaning far beyond the natural sciences.

We had the pleasure and honor to welcome Hannah Landecker, Professor at the Department of Sociology and the Institute for Society and Genetics at UCLA and Thomas Pradeu, a philosopher of science at the University of Bordeaux, in our CRC1182 seminar.
Hannah´s and Thomas´ lectures will consider the metaorganism concept from a totally new point of view.

The second talk of this event was given by:

Prof. Dr. Hannah Landecker
UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics, Los Angeles

‘The Microbiome After Industrialization: The Biology and History of Arsenic and Temporospatial Integrity

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