Data management and integrated analyses

The INF-project is established to support the demanding bioinformatic requirements of the CRC. The project will develop data and metadata standards in order to facilitate data integration and future combined and comparative analyses. Besides developing a unified CRC data policy, INF will set up the necessary central storage server for the entire CRC. Members of the CRC will be educated and supported in data preparation, management and analysis. While the main aim is on data standardization and storage, the requested bioinformatician will provide the CRC groups with basic analysis support. The INF-project will be embedded into recently established local networks of experts, such as the bioinformatics network and the clinical data management group. In the long-term we will evolve this into a central platform that – besides supervising the data management – generates and confirms novel hypotheses, employing the rich multivariate data collected during the first CRC funding period. Following this overarching approach, general concepts and mechanisms for host-microbiota interactions can be tested. Future systems biology analyses can provide a unifying conceptual framework, which will ease the comparison of different models, including different organisms, but also different levels of organization. The “systems view” in biology states that the properties of a system at a given level of organization cannot be found in its components but rather emerge from their interactions. As a result, a particular biological system can only be fully understood – functionally and evolutionarily – by integrating distinct levels of organization. By formalizing the overall CRC research questions and results, the INF project will play an essential role in the emergence and testing of trans-model hypotheses.


Dr. Marc Höppner

Postdoctoral Researcher, Associated Junior Researcher
Kiel University Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology

Jan Christian Kässens

PhD Candidate
Kiel University Institute of Computer Science Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology



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LitDB – Keeping Track of Research Papers From Your Institute Made Simple.

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Forschungsinformationssysteme – Möglichkeit oder Notwendigkeit?

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 Fachwissenschaftlern und Bibliothekaren am Beispiel des Open Access E-Journals Brains, Minds & 

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