Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Andre Franke


Kiel University
Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology


2004 – 2006
PhD work at CAU under supervision of Profs. Stefan Schreiber: “A systematic genome-wide association analysis for inflammatory bowel diseases”

2002 – 2003
Diploma thesis at the laboratory of Prof. Thomas C.G. Bosch at CAU: “Development of a high-throughput screening for identification of developmentally regulated genes in Hydra”

1998 – 2002
Study of Biology and Informatics at CAU

Research Experience/Academic Appointments

Since 2016
W3 professorship of Molecular Medicine

Since 2011
Director of the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology

2011 – 2016

W2 endowment professorship “Peter Hans-Hofschneider”of the Foundation of Experimental Biomedicine (Zuerich, Switzerland)

Guest scientists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Boston, USA) in the group of Mark J. Daly and mentored by Richard S. Blumberg

2008 – 2013
Academic guest professorship at the Medical Faculty, University of Oslo, Norway (Rikshospitalet)

2008 – 2011
W1 junior professorship for Epithelial Barrier Diseases within the DFG Cluster of Excellence “Inflammation at Interfaces”

Important Scientific Prizes/Functions

Since 2012
Spokesperson of the DFG Research Training Group GRK1743/1 “Genes, Environment and Inflammation”

Since 2012
Member of the Steering Committee of “Inflammation at Interfaces”; Leader of Research Area I (Genetics)

Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chair (8 professors in State selected)

Thannhauser Prize of the DGVS

Ludwig-Demling Research Prize of German Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation (DCCV); 25,000 €

Janssen Prize Dermatology

2009 – 2012
Spokesperson of the young investigators of the Excellence Cluster “Inflammation at Interfaces”

Hensel Prize (100,000 €) for Excellent Research of CAU Kiel

Associated Research Groups

Data management and integrated analyses

The INF-project supports the demanding data handling and bioinformatic requirements of the CRC. As one of its main objectives, the project facilitates data management through aggregation of metadata and centralized, redundant storage in collaboration with

Institutions & Partners

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