International Symposium PMI 2020

Inflammation Medicine – From Bench to Bedside

In 2019, the Cluster of Excellence “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation” started in a new period funded through the German Excellence Strategy (DFG). Its goal is to establish precision medicine in inflammation medicine by translating interdisciplinary research findings on chronic inflammatory diseases to clinical use.

Precision medicine in inflammation medicine also defines the focus of our International Symposium “Inflammation Medicine – From Bench to Bedside” in 2020. In this symposium, we bring together a broad diversity of scientists in the field of inflammation research and precision medicine. In focused plenary sessions and parallel workshops, we want to discuss solutions in a series of scientific fields that have recently received attention through the progress made in inflammation medicine. The sessions will cover several aspects of precision medicine, ranging from high resolution imaging to genetics, from the microbiome as a target to prediction medicine.

Two parallel clinical sessions will focus on existing and novel therapeutic options in individualized medicine and are sponsored by Sanofi and AbbVie.

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