Nutrition and the microbiome: DGE Scientific Symposium with participation of the CRC 1182

On 29 September 2021, national and international researchers discussed the current state of research on the topic of microbiome and nutrition at this year’s digital Scientific Symposium of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) the current state of research on the topic of microbiome and nutrition. Over 400 participants took the opportunity to learn about the role of nutrition and the microbiome in the development of chronic diseases. The CRC 1182 at Kiel University was represented with contributions from Professor Thomas Bosch and Professor Andre Franke. The event was organised by Prof. Dirk Haller, head of the CRC 1371 “Microbiome Signatures” at the TU Munich, and Prof. Thomas Bosch, head of the CRC 1182 “Origin and Function of Metaorganisms” at Kiel University, both of whom are investigating the role of the microbiome in health and disease.

For about a decade, research has increasingly been on the trail of the microbiome and genetic analyses of microorganisms. Even though the results of studies in recent years have shown that the gut microbiome is important for maintaining human health, microbiome research is still in its infancy. The gut microbiome as a microbial ecosystem and its influence on the immune system and metabolic diseases still raises many research questions. Internationally, interdisciplinary teams of researchers are working to gain a functional understanding of microbe-host interactions in health and disease.

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