Start of the Metaorganism Seminar in times of social distancing – 14.04.2020

The CRC 1182 Metaorganism Seminar aims to bring the young scientists (PhD students and postdocs) from the broader field of host-microbe interactions together. This event is meant to give the young researchers of the CRC 1182 a chance to interact and communicate with each other. The CRC 1182 strives to have a combination of 30 min talks from a PhD student and a postdoc and speakers should ideally be from different CRC 1182 subprojects.

But we are experiencing extraordinary times and our usual routine way of working and communicating with each other is abruptly blocked. To allow at least some virtual interaction and discussion about ongoing research projects, we decided that the Metaorganism seminars should take place as scheduled with some modifications as Zoom meetings.

Malte Rühlemann (project A2) gave a short talk on “ABO histo-blood groups influence gut microbiome, with causal relationship between Bacteroides and inflammatory bowel disease”.

The first Metaorganism Seminar was also used to elect the “Young Researcher Representative” for the CRC 1182 Steering Committee. The young researchers of the CRC 1182 elected Malte Rühlemann unanimously.

We are looking forward to meeting each other again personally, but in the meantime, video conferences will enable us to exchange to a certain extent.

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