SymbNET PhD Summer School 22: Impressions

The EU-funded research consortium SymbNET recently held a summer school for PhD students interested in host-microbe symbioses at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Portugal. This event was designed for PhD students interested in host-microbe symbioses to acquire an in depth understanding of the field from diverse perspectives through the interaction with experts in this research area. The summer school this year had an emphasis on functionally understanding these symbioses, with approaches including genomics and metabolomics. The event was organized by Martin Blaser (Rutgers University), Margaret McFall-Ngai (Carnegie Institution) and KLS speaker Thomas Bosch together with Luis Teixeira and Karina Xavier from the Gulbenkian Institute. During the two-week summer school, the 35 doctoral students were taught by a total of 19 lecturers, including Hinrich Schulenburg from the Kiel Evolution Center.

Winner of this year’s CRC 1182 poster prize (500 €): Vinícius Mendes Vidal, PhD Student Immunology and Inflammation – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Please find a few impressions below.

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