CRC 1182 Junior Researchers Day

On Thursday, October 27th, the CRC 1182 and TransEvo jointly held the 2022 Junior Researchers Day for the junior members of both centers. As a special feature this year the CRC 1182 SAB-members including Margaret McFall-Ngai and Karen Guillemin offered a lively dialogue-format to get informal, honest insights on career development from very different perspectives. Long time CRC 1182 friend and advisor Margaret McFall-Ngai gave a lecture on the career of Lynn Margulis which was followed by the award ceremony for the Lynn Margulis Fund and the
Young Researcher Award.

The winners of the Young Researcher Award 2022 are: Dr. Tyler Carrier, Christoph Giez and Dr. Jan Taubenheim.
The winning application for the Lynn Margulis Fund 2022 came from: Dr. Nancy Obeng.

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