Angela Marulanda (B1) & Dr. Shauni Doms (A2) (hybrid)

Angela Marulanda

GEOMAR, Research Division 3: Marine Ecology
Subproject B1.1, Doctoral Candidate

Developing a novel quantitative phagocytosis assay to study sponge-bacteria interactions

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Dr. Shauni Doms

MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Guest Group Evolutionary Genomics
Subproject A2.1, Postdoctoral Researcher

Key features of the genetic architecture and evolution of host-microbe interactions revealed by high-resolution genetic mapping of the mucosa-associated gut microbiome in hybrid mice

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For those of you, who cannot attend in person, please find below the Zoom link.

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Angela Marulanda (B2) & Dr. Shauni Doms (A2)


July 19th, 2022


Hybrid, ZMB seminar room 4th floor & Zoom Meeting

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