PhD! What comes next? (online)

in the context of the talent management of the CRC 1182 we would like to invite you to a “closing event”: PhD: What comes next? 
For almost everybody the question is of relevance how to proceed. Therefore we would like to “shape the diamond” together with you.
Our workshop will focus on the following questions:
1. What are my competencies? What is there? What is my “Unique Selling Point”? or how do I develop my “brand”?
2. You will also have the opportunity to send your CV in advance ( and to ask individual questions during the workshop.
The workshop is designed in such a way that plenum meetings alternate with individual work phases and break-out groups.
Please reserve the date and let us know if you cannot attend the workshop.

Primary audience: doctoral candidates close to their thesis defense or shortly after their defense.


Ute E. Jülly
Cleo Pietschke


June 23rd, 2020


Zoom Meeting

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