CRC 1182/SymbNET Computational and Comparative Genomics Workshop (live event)

Course instructor:

Tal Dagan


23.5.2022 – 3.6.2022, Two-weeks module, daily 10-18 (CET)


CAU, Kiel

SymbNET will cover all travel and accommodation expenses for SymbNET participants.

Course description:

The module is aimed at teaching basic methods for the analysis of genomic data. This includes an overview of the theory and practice of computational methods for the identification and characterization of genetic elements from DNA sequence data. The course focuses on basic approaches for analysing genomic data.

Learning Outcome: The students will gain basic knowledge in the analysis of genomic and transcriptomic data. This includes data mining of biological databases, phylogenetics, microbial genome assembly and annotation, microbial biodiversity analysis, analysis of genomic structural variants, analysis of transcriptomes. The students will be introduced to the commonly used computer software for the analysis and research of genomics and transcriptomics. The examination in the course is in the form of a written protocol.

Course plan in a glimpse:

123.5Introduction to genomics & Linux OS
224.5Genome assembly
325.5Sequence search
427.5Genome annotation
530.5Gene content comparison
71.6Identification of genetic variant
93.6Summary / Discussion of the protocol


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SymbNET has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952537


No prior knowledge required


May 23rd, 2022


CAU, Kiel

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