Z3 Proteomics Workshop (online)

Dear colleagues,

the proteomics part of project Z3 invites you to a workshop which will take part online on Wed., April 7th, from 13.00h-15.30h.

The workshop will start with a brief introduction (max. 90 min.) into modern LC-MS-based proteomics technologies, where we will address major challenges and options of our scientific discipline. This will include some examples from running and planned projects within the CRC 1182, so that you get an idea about what is potentially possible for your own projects. Important factors such as sample preparation (including the “to does and don’ts” you have to take care for in your own experiments prior to proteomics experiments) will be presented.

After a short break (10 min) we aim then to answer your questions which will hopefully stimulate a discussion about future efforts in which proteomics can help to address important questions in your projects, including such combining different projects by overarching research issues.

The workshop will take place via Zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88076834800?pwd=U2RWWXkyclBJTS9YdlZtRzRObEdiZz09)

Andreas Tholey & Jan Leipert


All CRC 1182 members


April 07th, 2021


Zoom Meeting

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