Personal PhD wrap up interview

Dear doctoral candidates of the CRC 1182,

Your PhD time is coming to an end. For a professional wrap up at the end of your PhD phase at the CRC 1182, we invite you to a personal meeting on 12-13/03/2020. The following questions and answers are very  important for us:

1. What were your “learnings”: technical-methodical-pedagogical-also in relation to Career Development?
2. What is important for you to pass on to the “next generation”: Please feel free to answer this question in a broad sense.
3. What could be optimized within the CRC 1182 from your point of view?
4. What do your next steps look like?

This conversation offers you the opportunity to clarify any open questions you may have.

When: March 12th-13th 2020
How long: 45 min
Who are you working with: Ute E. Jülly
Primary audience: doctoral candidates close to their thesis defense or shortly after their defense.
Registration: If you are interested in an interview, please inform the CRC 1182 office (, which of the time frames would suit you, or when you have no time..


doctoral candidates at the end of their doctoral project


March 12th, 2020


ZMB (Am Botanischen Garten 11, Kiel), seminar room, ground floor

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