Functional variants in the sucrase-isomaltase gene associate with increased risk of irritable bowel syndrome.

Henström M, Diekmann L, Bonfiglio F, Hadizadeh F, Kuech E M, von Köckritz-Blickwede M, Thingholm L B, Zheng T, Assadi G, Dierks C, Heine M, Philipp U, Distl O, Money M E, Belheouane M, Heinsen F A, Rafter J, Nardone G9, Cuomo R, Usai-Satta P, Galeazzi F, Neri M, Walter S, Simrén M, Karling P, Ohlsson B, Schmidt P T, Lindberg G, Dlugosz A, Agreus L, Andreasson A, Mayer E, Baines J F, Engstrand L, Portincasa P, Bellini M, Stanghellini V, Barbara G, Chang L, Camilleri M, Franke A, Naim H Y, D’Amato M (2016); Gut., pii:gutjnl-2016-312456. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2016-312456

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