2nd Young Investigator Research Day

Young researchers discuss about “Origin and Function of Metaorganisms”


All animals and plants are inhabited by microbial organisms, which influence fitness of their plant and animal hosts, ultimately forming a metaorganism consisting of a uni- or multicellular host and a community of associated microorganisms. The Collaborative Research Centre 1182: Origin and Function of Metaorganisms (CRC 1182) investigates the specific functional consequences of the interactions, the underlying regulatory principles, and also the resulting impact on host life history and evolutionary fitness in an ever-changing environment.

The young investigators of the CRC 1182 invite Master students, PhD candidates and Postdoctoral researchers who are interested in the study of symbiosis and the related topics to join us in this conversation on metaorganism.

The Young Investigator Research Day will stimulate discussion and facilitate networking within young researchers who work in the area of host-microbe-environment interactions. Participants of any discipline are highly encouraged to present their research in a way that is understandable to a broad audience. Keynote lectures by Carmen Lía Murall, Christoph Reinhardt and Pamela Schnupf complete the scientific program.

The YIRD 2018 will be followed by a two day workshop on 16S based microbiota analyses (June 28th and 29th). The workshop will combine theoretical and practical parts aiming to cover the complete workflow of 16S microbiota profiling. Further information can be found here.

There is no conference fee!

June 27th, 2018Atelierhaus im Anscharpark, Kiel, Germany


Wednesday, June 27th 2018

09:1510:00Keynote Lecture: Pamela Schnupf (University of Paris) “Segmented Filamentous Bacteria”
10:0010:30Poster slam
10:3011:30Coffee including poster session
11:3013:00Short talks
14:0014:45Keynote Lecture: Christoph Reinhardt (University of Mainz) “Experimental Hemostasis and Gnotobiotics”
14:4515:45Short talks
16:1517:00Keynote Lecture: Carmen Lía Murall (University of Montpellier) “Virus evolution & ecology”
17:0018:00Short talks
18:0018:30Open discussion: funding possibilities
18:3019:00Awards and closing remarks
19:00openSocial event with BBQ and beer at the venue


Carmen Lía Murall, CNRS Montpellier, France
Carmen is a postdoctoral fellow at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) Montpellier, France. Her research aims to understand the evolutionary responses of viruses following vaccination using human papillomaviruses as a model and by employing ecological modeling approaches.

Christoph Reinhardt, CTH Mainz, Germany
Christoph is junior professor at the Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis (CTH) in Mainz, Germany. His research focuses on the role of the microbiota in thrombosis and cellular homeostasis of the intestinal mucosa mainly using gnotobiotic mice.

Pamela Schnupf, INSERM CR1 Paris, France
Pamela is a team leader at Institut Imagine, Laboratory of Intestinal Immunity at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), Paris. Her research aims to better understand the interplay between the host and its commensal gut microbiota, specifically Segmented Filamentous Bacteria (SFB), which have potent immunostimmulatory effects. To that end she developed an in vitro culturing system for the previously unculturable SFB.

We are happy to announce that through the support of Qiagen and Allergosan we are able to provide two prizes for the best poster and the best oral presentation of the YIRD.


The Young Investigator Research Day will take place at the “Atelierhaus im Anscharpark”,

Heiligendammer Straße 15
24106 Kiel.

We thank the “Atelierhaus im Anscharpark” for providing us with this fantastic setting!


Kiel offers a variety of different possibilities for accommodation. Find a list of hotels here: https://www.kiel-sailing-city.de/en.html


If you have any questions please contact: yird.kiel@gmail.com


Young Researchers


June 27th, 2018


Atelierhaus im Anscharpark, Kiel, Germany

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