Z2 Workshop (online)

Dear members of the CRC 1182,

The team of the Z2 project is happy to invite you to a workshop, which is taking place online on Wed., May 26th, from 11.00 am – 1 am. Due to the collaborative nature of the Metaorganism’s program, we would like to inform you about the supportive role of the Z2 project for the CRC.

The workshop will  first have an approx. 60 min overview, in which we will explain the main goals of the Z2 project, the instruments and tools we can provide to support CRC projects, as well as the procedures that are generally followed for the enrichment and isolation of difficult microorganisms. We will end our talk by explaining the independent study we are conducting, focused on the enrichment and isolation of methanogenic archaea from mices’ caecum content in collaboration with John Bains from the A2 project of the CRC 1182.

After 10 minutes break, we will then answer any questions you may have and hopefully end with new research ideas that stimulate the collaboration between the Metaorganisms’s projects and the Z2 project.

Please follow the link to join us on May 26th at 11:00 am on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 639 4563 3044

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Blanca, Herman, and Ruth


All CRC 1182 members


May 26th, 2021


Zoom Meeting

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