CRC 1182 Metaorganism Seminar

With this seminar series, the CRC 1182 aims to bring the young scientists (doctoral candidates and postdocs) from the broader field of host-microbe interactions together. This event is meant to give the young researchers of the CRC 1182 a chance to interact and communicate with each other. The CRC 1182 strives to have a combination of 15 min talks from a doctoral candidate and a postdoc and speakers should ideally be from different CRC 1182 subprojects. Doctoral candidates and postdocs are expected to attend. Currently the seminar takes places as Zoom meeting.

DateSpeaker 1TitleSpeaker 2Title
24.11.2020Georgios MarinosBram van Dijk
29.09.2020Pauline BuffardDr. Florence Bansept
14.07.2020Nancy ObengDr. Agnes Piecyk
26.05.2020Hanna Fokt
The evolution of the genus Bacteroides in the mammalian intestine

Dr. Anna Roik

First time testing of coral microbiome transplantation: A probiotic therapy to increase coral heat resilience?
14.04.2020Malte RühlemannABO histo-blood groups influence gut microbiome, with causal relationship between Bacteroides and inflammatory bowel disease

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