SymbNET Online Seminar Series – Vladimir Benes (EMBL) & Ricardo Leite (IGC-FCG)

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On 26th August (Thursday), we will have the next session of the SymbNET Seminar Series:

15:00 WET / 16:00 CET

Vladimir Benes
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg
Genomics Core Facility

A new way to analyse DNA methylation: move over bisulfite
For us in GeneCore, an opportunity to use the new EM-seq system launched recently by NEB has been a true game changer. In addition to its attractive features, such as user-friendliness and cleanliness of the process, for example, we have realized that it enables us to determine in precise and DNA sparing way the cytosine methylation status even at low integrity DNA. If bisulfite conversion were the only approach to apply, we would definitely fail to generate relevant results. The cool, biochemical approach the system is utilizing also opens new opportunities to analysis of cytosine methylation across the whole spectrum of DNA fragments: from very short cfDNA to intact long DNA fragments.

15:30 WET / 16:30 CET

Ricardo Leite
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC-FCG)
Genomics Unit

Unveiling new niches for Legionella spp.
Legionella is an emerging environmental pathogen of an increasing concern to human health. This genus includes L. pneumophila and other species that cause the acute pneumonia Legionnaires disease, on the rise worldwide. Using a metagenomic approach, we discovered Legionella spp. in an extremely acidic and heavy-metal rich mining lake in Spain. Combined data from different genomic approaches (metagenomics, RNA-Seq and Nanopore long reads) yielded an unanticipated array of genes associated with pH homeostasis, metal tolerance, virulence and motility, providing important clues to the varied niches Legionella occupies in this extreme environment.

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Vladimir Benes (EMBL) & Ricardo Leite (IGC-FCG)


August 26th, 2021


Zoom Meeting

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